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Welcome to
JW Theatrical

JW Theatrical seeks to serve artists and theatre lovers by creating and supporting innovative stories for a new era of audiences. We work with artists and supporters who are not afraid of driving forward change and creating lasting partnerships, leaving no idea untried.

Image by Brooks Leibee

The Script We Live By

💪 Champion Diverse Representation. Relentlessly.

There are plenty of stories about and by straight, cisgender, able-bodied white men and plenty of people to champion them. Those don't interest us.

We seek to produce shows with casts, crews, and creative/production teams that are at the bare minimum 50% composed of historically marginalized or under-represented identities.

We actively support organizations that support greater representation in the industry, including helping build Theatre Producers of Color as a Founding Member.

🤝🏼 Advocate for Humans in the Workplace

As an HR professional by day and teacher of HR in the Commercial Theatre at DePaul University, Jamie understands the details of what makes a positive working environment from a legal and social perspective. 

We believe a strong foundation in people skills and operations makes for a stronger production and industry. 

🧐 Don't Stick to the
Status Quo

The worst phrase we can hear is "this is how it's always been done." With only 25% of Broadway shows recouping, on average, we believe that new ideas and unconventional methods are worth trying out at least once. 

On any project, we take an active interest in generating revenue and success for a production. One recent example is the creation of an automated lottery entry system for a production that saved the company hours of labor and cost 100x less than the traditional method with comparable tool functionality. 

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Julia Lester, Aaron Lazar, John-Michael Lyles & More Complete the Cast of Sierra Boggess Led THE SECRET GARDEN

Jan. 10, 2023  

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